For more than 38 years, the brand VILMAS has stood for fanciful and fashionable jewellery variations which have been processed down to the smallest detail.

Every piece of jewellery is produced in its own production site and with accurateness according to highest standards of quality. The unique collections of Luxury Silver, Diamonds and Pearls reflect variety and creativity of the multifarious brand.

VILMAS enrobes with jewellery and offers the perfect styling element for every occasion. No matter whether you combine the jewellery with a little black dress or jeans, wear it at the office or at an evening event: Pendants, rings, necklaces and pearl necklaces, earrings, colliers, bracelets and Luxury Rings by VILMAS are always an eye-catcher and can be combined with your outfit in countless variations.

Whether classic or trendy, wild and determined or gentle and empathic, VILMAS offers you the opportunity to combine your look according to your daily mood and therefore, to reinvent yourself – day after day after day.

Immerge yourself with us into the world of VILMAS and allow yourself to be enchanted.

VILMAS collection “Luxury Silver” unites a wide range of styles. From the glamourous series Starlight and the bright jewellery line of Fireworks to the charming series of True Romance, different variations of jewellery are interpreted. In September 2016, the line Wild at Heart was supplemented, bringing new brilliance to classic heart-shaped pendants. Due to this creative turning point, additional individual possibilities of combination are established.

All pieces of jewellery of the collection “Luxury Silver” are crafted with high-quality 925 sterling silver. Soft haptics and intense and lasting brilliance result from careful treatment of the surface. This leads to particularly high quality which guarantees lasting joy of wearing the jewellery.

In this way, unique pieces of art are created which can be compared to gem jewellery in terms of Look and Feel. This is VILMAS – THE ART OF PERFECTION.

PEARLAPERLA is a young, dynamic jewellery line which combines the classic freshwater pearl with juvenile elements of fashion. The various clasps, which range from classic-retro to modern-trendy, are crafted with high-quality 925 sterling silver. After careful cladding in gold or rosé gold, they become a unique and fashionable element of style in combination with the pearl.

PEARLAPERLA provides dedicated followers of fashion with the opportunity to adapt their jewellery according to their wishes and outfits several times a day. Due to the “Push & Turn” – System particularly developed for PEARLAPERLA, clasps are multifunctional. Therefore, all the pieces of this jewellery collection can be combined with each other by one hand movement. Only one turn is necessary to transform a pair of earrings into a cool pendant on a silver necklace.

Every piece of PEARLAPERLA is processed down to the smallest detail and easy to apply. Due to their practical size, they fit into every handbag and allow the creation of a new styling in the blink of an eye.

With CARATAIRE, VILMAS presents a young and attractive collection which is all about diamonds. New ground is broken on well-trodden paths, due to modern interpretation and the combination of precious gemstones and 925 sterling silver. Well-established, centuries-old techniques meet innovative ideas and young style.

Be it in bezel or claw setting, cheeky with a leather band or classy with a silver necklace: CARATAIRE offers versatile diamond jewellery in form of pendants, rings and earrings – at an irresistible price.

A diamond rekindles wonderful memories– strongly connected to special moments and important occasions, it becomes a unique talisman und thus, the medium of the most precious of moments. A brief glance at the ring, a fleeting touch of the pendant or a soft caressing of the earring and a delighted smile flits across the lips of the wearer. For every woman and every girl, it shall be possible to possess her own diamond of memories, so as to let life’s most beautiful moments pass in review. Whether for engagement or graduation, for Mother’s Day or an anniversary: CARATAIRE is the perfect present for every occasion and women of all ages.

Every CARATAIRE diamond represents the vibrancy and effect of a solitaire. During artistic precision work, numerous diamonds are arranged around one elevated diamond in the middle, in order to create the illusion of one single large diamond. As a result, these small works of art correspond to the optics and brilliance of a solitaire.