WILD AT HEART Untameable and supple, exciting and loyal, wild and romantic. Contrasts attract each other, which is demonstrated by this collection. Framed in silver and zirconia, the pieces of jewellery unite apparent polarities in perfect composition. An exciting romance between contrast and harmony.

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Like day and night, Yin and Yang, sun and moon. The two different sides of the heart shapes emphasize the magic of changeability and unite contrasts. The emerging colour contrasts are an exciting element of style, which also promises flexibility when it comes to the compilation of outfits. Due to the particularly high density of zirconia stones, the pieces of jewellery in this collection are unique eye-catchers. The pendants are literal heart pieces. Their intense spark and glimmer invites an observer’s gaze to dwell a little bit longer and makes it impossible not to fall in love with them.